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What is it?

CityLifeSocial is an information app that is available on all platforms that provides you with all the information you need for a great night out that won’t break the bank.

Why is it cool?

Traveling for work is becoming more and more standard for most jobs and CityLife Social might be the most handy thing that has been invented for the people that still want a little bit of fun in a city that is not their own. The CityLife Social app provides you with great deals and the hotspots in different cities. So you will always know where to go and still get a great deal. It gives you information on where the happy hours are, where you can watch live music in addition to giving you all the information of the latest events in every city. Besides that, the app is free which is another…

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Coach Sheila Snyder

2013-08-18 07.07.13

It is early on a Sunday morning and I have been awake for over an hour just laying and thinking about several situations that are on my mind. The one constant in life is change. Everything changes. Some are good and some are bad but they are inevitable. Before my son was born, change was something that I fought. I wanted my little corner of the world to stay just the way I wanted it. Then Wyatt arrived and I soon learned to embrace change. Change is good, change is growth, change is life.

I have been come to a stand still in my weight loss journey. I still need to lose another 20 lbs but I am stuck. So, this week I will be eating even cleaner than normal and change the diet a little and at the same time change the exercise as well. I will be adding…

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Sharing Ecoonomy

 Sharing economy is an innovative and a new concept spreading in all over the places used by millions of people and still counting so, what is sharing economy? In this if one wants to travel to a particular place and that to with the minimum budget no matter what the location and the time is you can easily make it happen with the less budget. So in this suppose you are planning to visit a particular place for the business or some other purpose you need to book a room in the hotel and also have to pay for the food, travelling etc.

So, now in this the concept comes into picture as how the budget can get reduce with very good quality of service. In this suppose you are visiting for a business meeting to different locations so you book a hotel and in return pay some money in this case suppose if you have the relative in that city it will be very easy for you to stay there finish your work and return back see no money part will come into picture and for that same service the hotel will charge you.

Now suppose you someone lent you his room for the day, his vehicle, and other stuffs which will help you but if you book hotel they will charge you a lot so apart from booking the hotel room you can contact us by which we can help you locate the person willing to lent this stuffs for the day with very less amount of money and the best service on that location. so in this case you’re done with your work and that to with the very less budget. Isn’t this concept interesting yes it is and also applicable to all type of profession can make use of this.

So, if you’re visiting any place feel free to contact us as we can surely help you to connect with the person willing to lent his stuffs with the minimum cost.

For any query you mail us at
Mb- 09922790240.

Politics boon or bane

Hi Guys,

As we all know that this whole world runs through some powerful people who we term them as Politician.
Every country, city, street have politicians which are bad and good but we don’t know what makes them good or bad. So in the end as the citizen of the particular country we only have the option left with us to choose the best of the best candidate and after doing that stop criticizing them. Because many of us just keep talking about the politicians and keep them titling them as bad and monster but we forget that is just by talking about them won’t change anything but instead we should find some solution to it and only remember one thing that EITHER BECOME A LEADER OR CHOOSE A LEADER.

Donation for the poor

Hi Guys, 

As we know that in this world there are many people who till today in this 21st century are very poor who don’t even have clothes and various basic materials which we need in day to day life. In this i only request you to donate some clothes, books, and the things which you are not using as it will help the poor to cover himself when there is a lot of cold, and books for the children who loves to study but doesn’t get the medium to achieve their aim.

So, i request you to donate whatever you can as a small help from you can transform an individual life. If you want to donate you can reach me at…

Amit jain-09922790240